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G-Craft Rules

Discussion in 'Useful Information' started by Georgeeeee, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Georgeeeee

    Georgeeeee Server Owner Staff Member Owner

    May 4, 2016
    Global Rules:
    • Respect All Players. Do not disrespect any other players on the server.
      • No sexism
      • No trolling
      • No harassment
      • No homophobia
      • No racism
      • ... or any other types of bigotry.
    • Spamming is not allowed.
      • Do not repeat one message
      • Do not use an excessive number of one character consecutively
      • Do not use excessive capital letters
      • Do not flood chat in any form
    • Do not bypass bans with an alternate account.
    • Advertising is not allowed. You will be permanently banned.
      • Do not discuss other servers in the global chat
      • Do not give out IPs to other servers in global chat
      • Do not put likns to other sites in global chat
    • Cursing is Allowed, however, please do not do it excessively or flame others
    • Do not impersonate staff or other players.
    • Only English in Global Chat, and on the forums. You can speak in other languages using /msg, or other chat channels.
    • Do Not Scam. This includes using things like /ah, /trade and scamming on the server's store.
      • This also includes agreeing to help others on skyblock and abusing the permissions of a CO-OP island.
    • No PayPal Charge-Backs. Breaking the store's terms and conditions will result in permanent banishment.
    • Sexual talk is not allowed
    • Do not cause chat riots. Staff have the option to stop any conversations that may lead to this.
      • This includes opinionated subjects such as politics.
      • Do not discuss other players' bans in global chat.
    • What a staff members declares is final and you can not argue with it.
      • However: If you deem the actions of a staff member unfair or abusive of their power please report it on the forums under 'player reports'
    • No modded, or hacked clients. You will be permanently banned
      • There are some exceptions. You can view and ask questions here
      • X-Ray is not allowed! This includes texture packs!
    • No inappropriate skins or builds(Swastikas, Sexual Builds, etc.). If your skin violates the server's rules you will be banned until it is changed.
    • Exploitation of bugs is not allowed. Report them to staff!
      • Abuse of the economy will result in ALL your money being removed. Report It!
      • TP killing is not allowed. This counts as any form of teleport (E.G: /tpa, /t spawn, /rtp, /home etc.).
      • This excludes /warp Pvp
      • This includes spawn killing
    • Using AFK pools is allowed, but please avoid making excessive lag with grinders etc.
      • AFK fishing farms are not allowed.
      • AFK mining is also not allowed.
        • Both of these include 'taping a mouse down' or using any form of item to stop you having to click. If a staff messages you asking about it and you fail to reply, they have the right to ban you under this rule.
    • No flying inside any PvP arena. This includes the usage of /fly or any slimefun item.
    Towny Rules:
    • No inappropriate town or nation names
    • Griefing is not tolerated. Do not grief other players' builds atall! This rule does not apply in the resource world.
      • However, you can steal from
        • Any unlocked chests in the WILD
          • Stealing from unlocked chests on town land is abuse of town permissions. This includes if you are not in the town.
        • Item frames
        • Armor stands
      • You can also use any farms as long as all crops are replanted.
    • Do not abuse town permissions.
      • If you remove a player from your town, or if they leave you must give them a minimum of 3 days to collect their items.
    • Bypassing of locked doors and chests is not allowed
      • However, if a chest is more than 30 days old, or has no core protect data, and has not been used staff can unlock it. Ask a helper to make a 'card' for them to be unlocked!
    • You must leave town land if the owner of the land has requested for you to do so.
      • This includes being asked by an assistant, plot owner or other town ranking player.
    Skyblock Rules:
    • Telling another player you will help them, and then breaking their island (eg. Griefing, stealing) is against the rules.
      • If you are invited to the island, and a member of it (/is invite) this rule does not apply.
    • Do not island farm.
      • Island Farming: Restarting islands constantly to gain resources. The collector and player will both be punished. This includes use of alternate accounts.
    Discord Rules:
    • No spamming loud or annoying noises
    • No flaming, or excessive swearing
    • No advertising, this includes other servers, discords etc.
    • Don't tag staff members individually, If you need the help of staff please attract our attention with @Staff or @Admin but please don't tag us individually.
    • No channel spam, this includes
      • Joining and leaving a channel rapidly
      • Spamming links, Letters/Words and Characters
      • Use of bots to annoy other users
    If you have any questions regarding the G-Craft rules please ask staff members on the forums, or in game.
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